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Kneeling Protestors

We Are The Dream
Digital Storytelling Collective

Teacher and Young Student


Educators of color are proven to have the greatest positive impact on students from all backgrounds. How has the school system impacted their ability to be present and advocate for student safety?

Hear stories from Educators
Classmates in Library


Conversations about effective learning and school policies rarely include the voices of students.  How do students envision learning in this generation? What impact does the current system have on their school experience? 

Happy Family Portrait

Parents & Families

Parents and families are the cornerstones of cognitive development and social interaction, yet they remain excluded from school spaces. What vision do they have for schools in their community?

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Stories from the
Digital Storytelling Collective

Until the lion tells his side of the story, the tale of the hunt 

will always glorify the hunter.

African Proverb

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